Dor Hadash

Pittsburgh’s Reconstructionist Community

Platform: Webflow

Dor Hadash is a Jewish community based out of Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh, PA. This project was brought to our desk by Josh Lucas of WorkHardPGH, a local cooperative of whom we owe the greatest of gratitude for their streamlined project management in regards to helping us find freelance work.

Dor Hadash was our first WebFlow project, and was, in a sense, an experiment. Keep an eye out in our Blog for an article about WebFlow. Currently, there’s not much to say about the platform other than there are pros, and there are cons. It allows for the use of dynamic content without relying on the use of PHP and a MySQL database, giving it that lightning fast, static site feel to it. That’s a good thing. And why not focus on the good things? Life is too short to do otherwise.